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Laryngeal Biomechanics
Lab Equipment


The Lab

The laryngeal biomechanics laboratory at UC is equipped with different advanced hardware and flow diagnostics tools to study the physics in flows, structures and acoustics. These include:

  • Two-dimensional (2D) time-resolved Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system

  • Three-dimensional time-resolved tomographic PIV system (tomo-PIV)

  • 6 high-speed video cameras to visualize the flow and moving structures

  • Stereo Digital Image Correlation (DIC) system to measure structures’ shape in real-time

  • Hot-wire anemometry system with probes varying from rugged wedge shapes to simple straight sensors  

  • Data acquisition systems, including a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA).

  •  High-speed, high-resolution data acquisition cards

  • Hardware filters

  • Arbitrary waveform generators

  • Two-channel digital oscilloscopes (1GS/s)

  • High-frequency response microphones

  • Electroglottograph (EGG)



2D time- resolved PIV. 2D particle Image velocimetry by Lavision® is an imaging technique for flow visualization and velocity fields measurements. The principle of the PIV method is based on measuring the particles displacement in the flow between two light pulses. Davis® Software is used for post-processing of the PIV images and extract the velocity information, using a cross-correlation technique. The PIV system can also be synchronized with an external event such as a biomechanical stimulus to trigger imaging. More Info

3D time-resolved tomographic PIV, particle tracking velocimetry (PTV), Shake-the-Box (STB). Tomographic (tomo) PIV is an extension of the PIV concept and enables the instantaneous measurement of all three velocity components in a complete 3D measurement volume (3D3C). A volume is illuminated instead of a single plane using a Dantec TopHat Volumetric Illumination System, aspect ratio 2:1. More Info

Stereoscopic Digital Image correlation (DIC).  Digital image correlation (DIC) tracks the movement of the naturally occurring or applied surface pattern during the test or experiment. This is done by analyzing the displacement of the pattern within subsets of the whole image. It is typically used to track and quantify the surface deformation of the vibrating larynx at high speeds (10+ kHz). More Info

Hot-wire anemometry (HWA).  HWA is a point-measuring technique appropriate for the measurement of time-series data in one-, two-, or three-dimension in gas and liquid flows. HWA is particularly suitable for the measurement of flows with very fast fluctuations at a point (high turbulence) and the study of flow micro-structures, where there is a need to resolve small flow eddies down to the order of tenths of a mm. More Info


6 high-speed video cameras

Other Equipment

Phase-locking triggering system 

  • Composed of an electroglottograph (EGG) and a Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) card (PCI-7833R) can be used to synchronize the measurements timing with the vibration frequency of the phonating larynx

Optical lenses and accessories

  • A variety of high-quality camera lenses (Nikon, Zeiss), of focal length ranging from 28mm to 500 mm.

  • Scheimpflug adaptors to enable oblique plane measurements.

  • Optical filters of different wavelength bandwidth.


High-speed green Laser

  • Terra PIV is a dual oscillator/single head, high repetition rate, diode-pumped Nd:YLF laser. The Terra PIV offers the ultimate in flexibility for PIV and other dual output applications.

  • >60 mJ pulse energy at 1 kHz for high-speed illumination, used for PIV, and DIC applications. More info


Mach-1 mechanical tester system

  • Used to measure mechanical properties of organic tissue. More info


3D printers

  • Stereolithography (SLA) printer from FormLabs (Form 3B+)

  • Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) printer from Ultimaker (S3). Used for rapid-prototyping of high-fidelity anatomical models, as well as lab equipment design for experimentation.

National Instrument PXI platform

  • For data acquisition, synchronization, and instrument control, equipped with multiple cards. More info

DAQ system

Sound Level Meter

  • Larson Davis, Model 831 — The meter provides frequency weighing and a wide dynamic range (110dB) with both true rms and peak detection capability, which can be synchronized with other measurements.

Other Hardware

  • B&K Microphones

  • Sensotec Pressure sensors

  • Type K Thermocouples with the controller

  • Conchatherm III Heated Humidifier from Hudson RCI

  • Waveform generator (Model: 33220 A) from Agilent technologies

  • Hardware filter Model 3380 from Krohnhite

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